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A long time ago, in a corporate office far, far away, a professional coach trainer held a session with a group of eager and enthusiastic managers learning how to coach.

We were taught how to coach for performance, coach for career development, and coach to solve complex corporate problems. We were introduced to the GROW model and spent several days learning from our teacher and practicing with each other.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and immediately started trying it out with my team and peers. However, one of the challenges I experienced was remembering powerful questions I could utilize as I practiced this new art. So sometime around 2013, I created a Tumblr blog and a Twitter account and started collecting powerful questions from anywhere I could find them.

This site is a refresh of those powerful questions recreated for the booming 20s with the sole purpose of helping aspiring coaches. We believe asking the right question at the right time can make all the difference. If you want to contribute your own powerful questions, simply tweet us using the button below.